Autochthonous Croatian Cheese

Cheese is great for a starter meal because it opens our appetite and is very healthy. Cheese is made mostly of cow, sheep or goat milk and there are many sorts of different cheeses and it depends on milk fat, aging period, the usage of mold and processing types. The most important thing is that we all love a good slice of cheese and are keen to try new and autochthonous types of cheese so this article is going to present you the types of cheese that are being made in Croatia.

"Paški" Cheese

Except being famous for lamb, island Pag is also famous for making their own sheep milk cheese. The production of it is hand made making it different from other sorts of cheese and giving them the unique flavor, it is recognizable by. Another special thing about Paški cheese that it is during the production washed in sea water giving it a special aroma. Find Paški cheese in numerous restaurants on island Pag.

Istrian Cheese

Istria is not just famous for truffles but also for Istrian cheese. The sheep milk cheese can weight from two to ten kilograms. The characteristic of Istrian cheese is that it is a little bit bigger than usual. Also, Istrians produce Istrian cheese with truffles where they add truffles and olive oil making a unique kind of cheese that just melts in your mouth. The best flavor is experienced when eating with bread, we recommend ciabatta. Find restaurants in Istria that offer Istrian cheese.

Fresh Cow Cheese 

Fresh Cow Cheese is a traditional cheese for many households in Zagorje, Bilogora and Prigorje. It is made by acetifying cow cheese and after that it is ready to consume in almost liquid state.  It is sour and can be sprinkled with green onion or garlic giving it the best flavor. Also, you can put fresh cheese on bread and eat it as a starter. Fresh cheese is used for the famous Croatian food specialty; štrukli

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