Best Croatian Restaurants

Best Croatian Restaurants for 2018

Croatian gastro scenery is on the spotlight with Croatia becoming one of the most desired tourist destinations in Europe. That influenced restaurants all over Croatia and made them rise up their level of service and food. In the last two years three restaurants received a Michelin star award from Michelin Guide Restaurants and bunch of them were recommended. We always want to know who is the best so we have put up a list of best restaurants in Croatia that will make your senses go wild. Some of them offer modern dining experience whereas some offer first-class gastro experience with usage of local Croatian food products. One is certain, if you decide to visit one of these restaurants you will experience a true gastro fairytale. Bon appetite!- or as it is said on Croatian, "dobar tek"!

1. Restaurant J-I-S-T, Viškovo
2. Restaurant Pelegrini, Šibenik
3. Bistro Tavulin, Dubrovnik
4. Restaurant Dubravkin Put, Zagreb
5. Restaurant Dunav, Ilok
6. Restaurant Mala Hiža, Čakovec
7. Restaurant Kaštel, Zadar
8. Restaurant Club Waldinger, Osijek
9. Restaurant Nautika, Dubrovnik
9. Restaurant Bedem, Varaždin
11. Restaurant Boškinac, Novalja
11. Restaurant Proto, Dubrovnik
13. Restaurant Monte, Rovinj
13. Restaurant Vuglec Breg, Krapina
15. Restaurant Foša, Zadar
15. Restaurant Boban, Zagreb
15. Restaurant Zigante, Livade
18. Restaurant Pergola, Savudrija
19. Restaurant Pantarul, Dubrovnik
20. Restaurant Noel, Zagreb
20. Tavern MaToni, Split
20. Restaurant Wine Vault, Rovinj
23. Restaurant San Rocco, Brtonigla
24. Tavern Morgan, Brtonigla
25. Restaurant 360°, Dubrovnik
26. Restaurant Plavi Podrum, Volosko
26. Restaurant Marina, Novigrad
26. Restaurant Vinodol, Zagreb
29. Restaurant Bevanda, Opatija
29. Restaurant Draga di Lovrana, Lovranska Draga
31. Restaurant Apolon, Hvar
32. Restaurant Agava, Zagreb
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