Best Croatian Wines

Fine wine completes an excellent dining experience. It is known that a glass of wine lowers blood sugar, is good for your immune system and health, and reduces weight. It has all the reasons that you start with a glass of wine with your meal once a day. Croatian wines are more and more valued in the world. With the rise of tourism, wines from Croatia got in the center of attention and deservedly have become very famous. In this article we are going to present you the best wines in Croatia.


The grapevine being used for Dingač grows on south slopes of Pelješac island. We mention this because the brown carbonate ground of the island and great insolation as well humidity of the sea gives that special flavor that everybody is talking about. The dark-colored wine has a higher percentage of alcohol, is high in iron and tastes fabulous. When combining Dingač with food, it goes best with cheese and red meat.


The white wine comes also from an island in Croatia, from wonderful Korčula. It’s golden-yellow color will get your attention immediately and indeed it should. Pošip’s flavor is just pure perfection and reminds on dry apricot with fig aroma. When combining with food, Pošip is recommended with fish and seashells and with white meat. Find out which Restaurants in Korčula offer Pošip.  


The red wine that is being produced with international sorts Caberner Sauvignon and Merlot is yet dry but indeed full of flavor. You can taste the red currant and mineral aroma that it has got. When adjusting it to your meal, go to the same-named Restaurant Boškinac and its winery because they know the perfect combination. We’ll just say that it goes with other Pag specialties like lamb and cheese.

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