Best Restaurants in Rovinj

Best Restaurants in Rovinj

The most attractive town in Istria is a gastro mecca for those who seek to find first-class dining experience. Rovinj is modern, organized and sophisticated. It is being reflected through innovative meals that are a true piece of art on the plate. Rovinj gastronomy also cherishes Istrian wines; Malvasia, Chardonnay, Teran, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Restaurants look to find place for truffles in most of their meals as it is a specialty for whole Istria. Istrian prosciutto and asparagus are also local groceries. To get around easier around Rovinj we will present you the best restaurants in Rovinj.

Restaurant Monte

The Michelin star awarded restaurant is something special. The menu is imaginative as it gets and is best experienced through meal courses with champagne. Situated in the nearness of St. Eufemia church, Monte has a lovely quiet terrace where you can indulge into the hedonistic meal that awaits you there. Here everything is about the core taste of a grocery that is being presented in innovative meal decoration. It just doesn’t get better than eating in restaurant Monte that is one of the best that Croatia has to offer.   

Restaurant Barba Danilo

Barba Danilo left his restaurant to children to run and continue its tradition and respect among Istrians and tourists that visit Rovinj. Located in a beautiful garden surrounded with flowers and greenery, the restaurant gives the special ambient at the moment you take your seat. The dishes are very ambitious and attractively presented combining many kinds of cuisine together like tapas, slow food or fine dining. Tradition versus modern but yet so simple. Welcome to Barba Danilo.

Restaurant La Puntulina

It doesn’t get much better than sitting on cliffs just by the sea while eating delicious Mediterranean specialties. The sound of waves with sunset is the most romantic thing one can do for another and Restaurant La Puntalina is perfect for that. La Puntulina offers various seafood specialties, truffle dishes and meat dishes cherishing Istrian cuisine. The romantic ambient is event better with a glass of wine and with traditional “gibanica” (strudel with apples, cheese or nuts).  

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