Best Restaurants in Zagreb

Croatia's capital is full of great restaurants with cuisine offer from all over the world. The habit in Zagreb is to sit and enjoy the meal so there are not many "to go" snack bars but many restaurants where you can taste traditional Zagreb cuisine or international cuisine. Meat is the most common food you will find in Zagreb and look for places offer local Croatian meat especially turkey from Zagorje. Smoked pork or “buncek” is also a specialty with known “strukli” (cheese strudel) and “fasiranci” (minced meat patties). For dessert, be sure to ask for famous Samobor’s “kremšnite”, a delicious cake loved in whole Croatia. Let’s get back to the best restaurants in Zagreb for now. Here is the list where you can taste traditional specialties but as well innovative modern specialties. Just… enjoy!

1. Restaurant Vinodol
2. Restaurant Dubravkin Put
3. Restaurant Lanterna na Dolcu
4. Restaurant Takenoko
5. Restaurant Carpaccio
6. Restaurant Boban
7. Restaurant Agava
8. Restaurant NOEL
9. Restaurant ManO
10. Restaurant Zinfandel's
10. Restaurant Apetit
12. Restaurant ManO 2
13. Tavern Didov San - Gornji Grad
14. Restaurant Primošten
15. Restaurant Le Bistro
16. Restaurant Zrno Bio Bistro
17. Restaurant Tekka
18. Bistro Apetit by Marin Rendić
19 Restaurant Trilogija
20. Restaurant Gallo
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