Traditional Croatian Food Specialties

Food is everything. It puts a smile on our face and make us go through the day. Croatia is full of local and domestic products that you just need to taste when visiting this beautiful country. Croatians are very proud of their national products and always do like to promote them as often they can. And they have every reason to do that. Their specialties are unique and delicious so find out which meals need your attention.

Kulen (spicy salami)

Mmmmm, Croatians do love to enjoy in good kulen. Kulen is one of the most famous Croatian products originally from Slavonia, the continental East, which is most famous for traditional products. It is a dry meat product and it looks like a sausage that is spiced and flavored. 9 months are necessary for its production when it goes from meat processing, drying to fuming and last serving. Find restaurants that offer kulen in the largest city of Slavonia, Osijek.

Dalmatian and Istrian Prosciutto

The well-known food product is the Dalamtian and as well Istrian specialty prepared on special way on Dalmatian wind, “bura” together with fume. It is made from pork legs together with thigh. The time of production must be minimal 12 months up to 24 months. Look for restaurants in Istria with prosciutto and restaurants in Dalmatia with prosciutto. Just put it in sandwich or eat it with cheese and onion and you will fell the real taste of it.

Štrukli (fresh cottage cheese strudel)

Štrukli are one more familiar Croatian product originally from Zagorje county that will make your senses tinkle. It is interesting that štrukli can be a starter, your main dish or dessert, depends on how much you like them. Maybe you’ll start with it as a starter and end as a dessert. It was originally made with fresh cottage cheese with a touch of sour cream and eggs but nowadays you can find štrukli with pumpkin, poppy or turnip. If you are near Zagorje, check restaurants that serve štrukli and if you are in Zagreb go to restaurant La Štruk, specialized for this preparing delicious štrukli.

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